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IMPORTANT: This Whistleblowing and Inquiries Channel is not a system for making complaints, nor is it a call center, nor is it an emergency mechanism, so please use the other means available to meet your requirements.
This platform has been developed by Fundación Generación Empresarial at the request of our Company with the purpose of encouraging, facilitating and communicating consultations and reports of activities contrary to the Law, the Code of Ethics and the internal Policies and Regulations of our Company, to which our employees, suppliers, customers, investors and other stakeholders relevant to our Company may be exposed.
It should be noted that:
  • Our Company will analyze with due care all inquiries and reports made through this website. Please make your report as accurate and truthful as possible, do not intentionally include false or misleading information.
  • The intentional provision of false or misleading information may give rise to civil or criminal liability proceedings in accordance with the law.
  • This whistleblowing and inquiries channel has been designed to guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided, and is managed and technologically supported by Fundación Generación Empresarial, and our Company is responsible for the analysis, investigation and resolution of the complaints received.
  • This service offers you the option to submit your complaint or inquiry anonymously. You will be required to set a password at the end of the procedure and an automatic reporting code will be generated so that you can log in to view the status of your report or inquiry at your convenience. Your complaint or inquiry will always remain confidential.
The User agrees:
  • To provide complete and reliable information about the consultation or complaint, and about him/herself when appropriate;
  • To report and describe real situations;
  • To use appropriate and respectful language;
  • Not to engage in identity theft practices;
  • Not to publish content he/she does not have rights of use, copyright, industrial property, or other equivalent rights;
  • Not to publish content that directly or indirectly promotes arbitrary discrimination or hatred of individuals, groups and communities;
  • To refrain from publishing content that incorporates advertising, promotions or offers paid services, or establishes spam systems (unsolicited mail), chain mail, etc.
Furthermore, the User agrees not to send, publish or transmit contents of any kind that:
  • Violate treaties or legal norms related to copyright and industrial property in any territory.
  • Encourage the practice of dangerous activities that threaten the physical or mental health of others.
  • Contain false information.
  • Contain illicit, violent, degrading or pornographic images or formats.
  • Incorporate viruses or any computer program that may damage to the technological platform.
  • Set up spam (unsolicited mail) systems.
  • Go against the Law, Code of Ethics or our Company's internal policies and regulations.
By accepting the terms and conditions, the User:
  • Expressly authorizes the Company to process his/her personal data provided in the context of the complaint or inquiry made.
  • The Company will safeguard compliance with Law No. 19,628, on the Protection of Privacy, so that the personal data to which it has access on the occasion of the complaint or inquiry made by the user will be intended solely and exclusively for the purposes that motivated its delivery.

    The company's fundamental principle is to maintain and protect the company's ethical standards in accordance with its current values and regulations, which allows it to build honest, solid and trustworthy relationships among its employees, as well as with all those who are related with the company. Therefore, SONDA offers its collaborators, directors, executives, shareholders, customers, suppliers, contractors, consultants and related third parties this simple and secure complaints platform, which guarantees the anonymity of the whistleblower and the confidentiality of the information received. In this way, our commitment is that all complaints received through this channel will be treated and investigated in accordance with the current legislation.

    The complaints platform is managed by Fundación Generación Empresarial, which, as a specialist in the field, guarantees the most complete confidentiality and security for the whistleblower.

    Finally, SONDA thank you for your commitment and cooperation in complying with the corporate values and principles established in the Code of Ethics, which allow us to strengthen our organizational culture every day.


    *This whistleblower channel is not an emergency service:
    Do not use this site to report events that pose an immediate threat to life or property. Reports submitted through this service do not receive an instant response, as they require time-consuming analysis.